It started with pigs in a blanket and some challah bread…

28 Mar

Chicago, USA (2012)

Even in college, I find a lot of time to bake, oddly.  Maybe because I’m in college.  It is a very distracting, forcible-decompressing act, baking is.  In any case, a friend of mine usually cooks and I bake, with the power of my many cookbooks and the Internet.

Mmm, Internet recipes.  They have not steered me wrong so far.  Punchfork?  Punchfork is the greatest.

I also take pictures, and I’m doing a 365 photoseries challenge.  So I take a lot of pictures.  And they say you photograph the things you love best.

What do I love more than food?

Nothing.  That’s what.

I had posted some pictures of the first challah bread I ever made on Tumblr (yeah, you’re not getting a link to that), and my roommate reblogged (non-Tumblr-ites: don’t worry about it) and commented that I should be a food photographer.

And so the challenge was issued, the gauntlet was thrown, and I seized that damn thing and ran with it.  So here I am, taking pictures of food, and many other things.  Mostly food.


  • Put up baking-oriented posts with the recipes and process.  Obviously pictures included.
  • Put up the rest of my photography, including the 365 day photochallenge.
  • Don’t abandon this blog for Tumblr and vice versa.

I also leave postcards of my pictures in the wilds of Chicago, so if you find one, you will likely be directed here via scribbly handwriting on the back with my url.  If that’s the case, welcome, strangers!

If not… hi mom and dad!Block Island, Rhode Island (2011)


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