Photoset Challenge – Day 3.3

28 Mar

I actually have a lot of these multiple photoset days, so I’ll probably cut them down to the best of the best of.  That’s what Tumblr is for–excess.  However, I’m extremely pleased with the evening and night of Day 3, so you get to see most of these.  Possibly all of the next day, too–that’s the day I went to Wisconsin with my friends.

Day 3.3 – 19/3/12

Particularly pleased with this one.  I went out at night because I was bored and ended up working on my night photography, which is a weak area.  Also, I just really like photographing lights.  Lights and food.

This is the picture I’m currently using for my wallpaper.

Whoever decorated their house in Christmas lights all the way into March: I love you.  They’re beautiful.

This was the night I walked to Boystown, up Halstead and down Broadway to Clarke.  I was listening to the new Lost in the Trees album and the new Andrew Bird album, which when you’re alone and walking around with, are intensely moving and not a little eerie.


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