Photoset Challenge – Day 4

28 Mar

To Madison!  My friends and I took the bus up to Wisconsin for a concert over spring break.  We saw the circus swing band Caravan of Thieves, had ice cream, and ran around looking for the concert venue for a good twenty minutes of languid confusion.  Also, burgers happened, at Paulina’s behest.  Good choice.  Very good choice.  My roommate, Haley, and I were just talking about how weird it was to go to a real restaurant.  Like, with laminated menus and no take-out.

Paulina knitting on the bus up there.  She always has the best color schemes.  Which reminds me, the knitting club at school is meeting tomorrow.  That should be fun, since we had to suspend meeting on account of finals.

Admiring the Capitol.  Most of us are architecture dorks at heart.

Paulina actually took this one.  I don’t have a lot of pictures of me, so here we go.  This is me Yelping in a beautiful dress my mom sent.  I got it the day we left, actually, and immediately changed into it.  Super classy.

Bacon bleu cheeseburger from the Tipsy Cow.  Are you jealous?  You should be.  You should be so jealous right now.  I’m jealous.  Of Past Kate.

There was a lot of running across streets…  We wanted the best pictures, you see, which you always have to take from the middle of the road.  Obviously.

And finally, the band we saw.  Obviously I am still working out the whole concert photography thing.  This is the only picture of the concert that I kept.

Overall?  An awesome day.  We’re already planning our next Megabus adventures to Britain.



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