Photoset Challenge – Day 5

28 Mar

This actually wasn’t a very interesting day.  I got a new record, but then I just worked, researching books for a rare book company.

The new Lost in the Trees record, which I am listening to right this very moment.

I spent a lot of the day with this old thing, actually.  Which automatically makes it a great day.  And guess what?  I’ve just remembered that I haven’t practiced in two days.




Coming back from Ragstock with Haley, Paulina, and Paulina’s rad friend Clee.  Me and Haley wore All the Hats at the same time, and All the Leis at the same time, and then we tried on many sunglasses and strange things that No One Should Ever Buy.

But it was good.  Oh yes.

Paulina found a home in a plarn bag Haley’s mom made.

Also new earrings, evidently.

There’s nothing wrong with having a quiet day sometimes…  Well, it was quiet until we were the Worst Customers Ever at Thai Bowl, for various reasons, none of which need to be elaborated upon.  Let’s just… let that go, shall we?


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