Photoset Challenge – Day 6

28 Mar

Day 6, 22/3/12

An exploratory day today…

Paulina yarnbombed the red line on the way to the Loop.

Haley and Paulina waiting for the Green line.  In awesome lighting.  Because sometimes life is cinematic.

My favorite picture of the past few weeks.  Haley yarnbombing the Green line, with Paulina’s assistance.  <3

Our destination, where we went to a record store and had ice cream.  Also, apparently where Hemingway was born.  Our bro!

Arabic coffee at Old Jerusalem in Old Town with Dayna.  I guess this was the same day… What a long day it must have been, because right before this, I had been at the downtown library, which is where I ran into Dayna in the first place…

Real hummus!  We tend to subsist on Sabra hummus cups, so having real hummus was exciting!

Dayna’s mysterious dessert…

And my baklava.  Delicious.

This one is an odd one, because the lighting is so intensely rad, and do you know why?  Dayna put her handkerchief on Haley’s desk lamp, since it was too bright.  Yes. This is also why we’re getting Christmas lights for our dorm.  No one likes harsh lighting.  Especially photographers….

(Unless you’re trying to go for that, which I did in Austria, but that is Not the Point.)


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