Currently Consuming, or The Great and Powerful Beauty of a Bowl of Cereal

31 Mar

I should really eat the whole box, just to get the sugar and carbs back, but I’m sticking to the one bowl.

It’s awesome how a bowl of cereal can make you think things aren’t as bad as they really are.  Because–sorry, should I clarify that?  Physically, things are bad.  I had a wonderful day, which is partly why I’m laying here and vowing never to get up again.

And cereal makes me think, “Oh this isn’t so bad”.  But it is.

I did critical mass today, which is when bicyclists mob the streets on the last Friday of the month.  This is a worldwide thing.  Look it up.  It’s really cool.

I went to, obviously, the Chicago one, meeting in the plaza with that weird Picasso statue.  Pictures of that will come later…

Suffice it to say, we biked to and around the Loop before heading southwest to Chinatown and around there.  We broke off when the mass returned to the Loop, because my friends were tired and I had to leave for swing dancing.


I went swing dancing right after this.  No pause.  Haley and I got lost in an unbelievably shady neighborhood, in the dark, and that was just so much fun.  Gotta do that again sometime.

We were trying to get to the University of Chicago for their monthly java jive.  It took a while, but we got there, and then we danced for about three hours, taking breaks to explore the Ida Noyes Hall and climb on the roof.  There was a door opened onto the roof/balcony, and then a tiled roof above that one, so we climbed them both and sat on top admiring the campus.

It’s very important, you see, to break rules and create mischief whenever visiting a new place.  Or an old place.  Or staying in one place.

So after all that, we can’t walk, I have bruises and a swollen ankle from smacking it into my bike pedal, and we’re exhausted because it’s 2 am.  I know that tomorrow will hurt.  I know that I’ll leave the dorm, get on my skateboard, and regret getting out of bed in the first place.  I know I won’t want to go to a concert tomorrow, or dinner with our wonderful, favorite librarian.  But my colorful little bowl of cereal makes me think, “Oh come on, it’s not so bad.  How can it be bad when there are Fruity Pebbles involved?”

Answer: It can’t.  It was a great day, bruises and frozen toes included.  And cereal just makes it better.

How wishy-washy “inspirational” was this post, scale of 1 to “Oh my God, don’t touch a keyboard ever again”?

Maybe you should have some cereal.  Maybe that’ll change your mind.


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