At Magnolia

1 Apr

The famous Magnolia Bakery opened a new location in Chicago a few months ago, with nice late hours, and we have frequented it as often as we dare (because we don’t want to have to be rolled to class, and because we bake often enough as it is).

Well, we were there tonight.  And this is why I call this blog Foodography.  It’s pictures like these that give me a reason to do this kind of thing.

Peppermint icebox pie.  We actually made one of these a while back.  It’s so easy it’s almost scary–layer cookies and whip cream until you have a tower.  Refrigerate for a few hours.  Consume in a worshipful manner.  Yes.

I am so getting one of these.  I’ve been on the lookout for aprons, actually, and these are super cute.

What I ate: Peanut Butter Chocolate bar.  It’s not very big, which may seem disappointing at first (mostly because I Eat Everything), but it’s so rich that you really don’t need anymore than what they give you.  Definitely going to make these.

What Paulina ate: A blueberry cobbler kind of thing. It wasn’t so great, apparently, since the flavors weren’t mixed well enough, but it was lovely.

So lovely that I took lots of photos of it.  I love the blueberry ooze down the side.

You know what else I love?  December, 1963.  That song is my jam.  For real.  I cannot listen to this song enough times.  I don’t know.  I don’t like any other music that sounds remotely like it.  But The Four Seasons, and this song in particular, are just the greatest.  It comes in waves, really, since I saw Jersey Boys, and I don’t like most of their songs.  But the ones I do like?  Holy shit.  And December, 1963 is just the sweetest.  Possibly because of the scene that accompanied it in Jersey Boys.  Bob Gaudio was precious in that show.

What Haley ate, complete with sub-par picture: Red Velvet Cupcake

What I ate part II because I eat everything: Vanilla Vanilla Cupcake  Blue frosting, yeah!

Word of wisdom: different colored frosting do taste different, no matter what anyone else tells you.  Purple and green are ick, yellow is pretty sweet, and blue and white are the greatest.  It is known.

I had some interior shots of the store, but the food is the really interesting part.  And I still have to move a lot of photoset and recipe posts over here.  Give it time.  Asian Foreign Policy is a very demanding class.  As is Latin.  But I will get everything updated one of these days.


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