Photoset Challenge – 9.1

3 Apr

Day 9, 25/3/12

Catching up…  And there are a lot for this day.  All I did was bike around and take pictures.  And eat ice cream.  And play Batman in the alleys of Gotham Chicago.


It was so misty that day.  I had just been down in the Loop with Haley actually, going to get comics at the Harold Washington, and the mist was just starting to descend on the city, slowing pouring across the tops of buildings and crashing on the spires, rolling down the buildings into the streets.  So I got back, took my bike out, and biked down to Michigan Ave.

They’ve planted the flowers!  Yes!  This shot, like so many of mine, involved running across the street, snapping away, and running back.

Facing the other direction, looking south.


Looking up at that building right before the bridge on Michigan… I don’t know what it is.  But what I do know is that they used to call Michigan Ave. Boule Miche, at least in ads, according to the posters on the Quincy stop.  Just like the Boule Miche in France.  Isn’t that sweet?

I also yarnbombed a bridge while I was there.  I dropped my needle somewhere back along Michigan and had to go back looking for it.  Luckily it was an embroidery needle, and it was already threaded, so it wasn’t hard to find.

No one asked what I was doing as I sewed it on, or even stopped to look, which, you know, whatever.  I don’t do it for you, I do it for me, and for the odd person who will see it and be a tiny, tiny ounce happier for it.  But I’d just like to say: if you see me yarnbombing, please stop!  Say hello.  I like to talk about what I’m doing, I’m sure you’ll have questions, it can all work out very well, see.  There was one guy, even, who was one the train when I was yarnbombing and took pictures with his phone when I was done, and that made my day.  So don’t be shy.  Or weird.  How intimidating/boring could a person sewing knittery onto public property be?  I ask you.





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