Photoset Challenge – 9.2

3 Apr

Day 9, 25/3/12

I added more to this set actually, because they’re cool.  Not even gonna lie.  I was channelling the hell out of Batman, creeping around alleys.  On a cute little white Peugeot, but still.  In spirit, I was the Dark Knight.

Try to tell me otherwise.  You can’t.

And on that note: I got ice cream!  I was looking for an ice cream place downtown for ages, and I finally ended up in the Water Tower Plaza mall thing at M Burger, where I got a dipped vanilla cone.  Yes.  M Burger has very nice lighting, interestingly.

Looking north under the Brown line on Wabash.  Fun fact: the name of my violin model is Wabash.

I don’t remember where this was.  It could seriously be anywhere.  The time I spend looking up, I tell you.  In middle school my gym teacher was always yelling at me because I would gawk at the sky, watching clouds and planes, when we were playing softball.  She thought I would get hit in the head because I wasn’t paying attention.  But that was when I wanted to be a pilot, so obviously more important things were on my mind than some silly sport.  (I’ve never liked sports.  Surprise.  I bet you couldn’t tell.  Biking on the other hand…)

I always feel a little silly taking pictures of fire escapes because seriously, everyone takes pictures of fire escapes.  But then I look at them and realize, “Well, that’s because they’re damn awesome looking.”

I am really attached to this picture.  This picture of garbage bins.  No joke.

Also these lamp pole things?  Common subject of photography.  Because they’re rad.

This was all biking north on North Orleans, by the way.  I just ducked into all the alleys I saw until I ran into people filming a huge fire scene, with a ton of fire trucks and cop cars.  I was pretty sure it was a real emergency, actually, until I biked around the scene some more and saw a rack of dirtied firefighter uniforms.  One of the trucks said “The Pain Taker”.  I don’t know if that’s the name of the movie or…?

This is Haley, who is vastly talented (as you can see) and also one of my favorite people.


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