Photoset Challenge – 16.1 (actually 16)

7 Apr

I mis-numbered that last one down there.  It is actually 15, making this one 16.  My mistake!

Day 16 – 3/4/12

I don’t remember much of this day to be honest.  I must have had class, but I’m not sure which ones.  I want to say Latin and Asian Foreign Policy.  Or was that the day AFP was cancelled?  In any case, I didn’t take any pictures until that night, and was worried that the day’s photoset would be a boring one.

Not so.

Trying to get a shot of that rad car ended with this interesting light effect.  Back to the Future?  I think yes.

Flowers and lights.  A favorite theme of mine, as you may have figured out.  On Sheffield heading towards Armitage as we (Jennifer, Haley, and I) walked to the Loop for a photographic escapade.

If this is your alley, congratulations.  It is a nice one.

This is not us trespassing.  Why would we do that.  Come on now.

Before we got to the Loop, however, we climbed the Armitage line of the El.  If you recall, I had climbed up here the previous day when skateboarding around before class, but hadn’t taken advantage of the heights I could reach.  That was the main point of our journey, and then the walk to the Loop.

Sitting on the El.  Hello Haley.

And Jennifer.  I was fairly high up when I took this, I believe,  because Jennifer was on the concrete wall overlooking the tunnel where the Red line goes underground.

These shoes were made for climbing.

Found on top of a garbage bin under the train.  After this, we got out from under the train and started walking south along Sheffield and then Halsted, coming down Wells and going back north along State Street.




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