Photoset Challenge – 16.2

7 Apr

Day 16 – 3/4/12

Perhaps you’re wondering where all the food is.  Is this blog not called Kate the Foodographer?  Yes, but it takes a while to write recipe posts.  I have to actually write out the recipe most of the time, since I get many from my Magnolia book.  But tonight, Haley made peanut butter chocolate chip cookies, so expect that.

Someday, though, when I have a little more time (maybe Sunday?) I will post some recipes.  The photoset is obviously done every day, and so those posts are more frequent.  There, explanation done.  Now we can go back to talking about things that may or may not be related to the pictures accompanying the text.

Through the window at Whole Foods, which was closing as we walked by.  God, I love that place.  I was making an icebox cake the other week and was looking for the right cookies, which they didn’t sell at my local grocery store.  So I went to Whole Foods (I wound up using some of my favorite Italian cookies that I found on Diversey but that’s not the point).  Not only did I not get cookies, I walked around for ages ogling the food, and ended up eating gelato on one of the balconies, reading through new sheet music and finishing up Superman: Red Son.  If you want to read something quality, read that book.  Seriously.

Moral of the story: Whole Foods is dangerous.

Construction site along Halsted.

This is something I love about Chicago far more than New York: you can see its guts.  It’s an industrial city, where you can see the pipes and exposed brick, the valves gushing steam, and the wires exploding in a tangled frenzy.

I love the lighting in this one.

I seriously have to go here.  I didn’t even know it existed, and probably wouldn’t have if we hadn’t been walking.  I biked past it every other day for 10 weeks and never even knew…



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