Photoset Challenge – Day 32

20 Apr

Hello, it’s been a while, hasn’t it?  There’s no real reason.  I’ve been pretty busy.  It’s slipped my mind.  You know how it goes.  Yesterday, I thought I was going to have a boring photoset, but I unexpectedly went skateboarding with Paulina in the Loop.  There are some from around Wicker Park, too, since I was at the Chicago branch of 826 National, volunteering at the Boring Store.  As I do.

Wicker Park has such gorgeous lighting.  Almost all the time, too, no matter the weather.  It’s just a photogenic neighborhood.

Do you know what the worst thing about this technological age is?  This is going to sound petty and insignificant, but that’s because I find very little wrong with the technological age.  But my biggest problem is this: you can’t complain about people or problems because chances are, those people, or people who might be concerned about or affected by these problems, will likely see what you write.

I’m serious.

There’s all this – unnecessary – drama about getting an apartment. And some stuff about the other party involved trying to accomodate my party’s introverted ways.  Because, see, we want 2 bedroom, the others want 4.  And it’s not about accommodation, because that implies that there’s a problem, and hey guess what.  I’m not a problem for you to solve.  I’m a person who has drawn boundaries, and you either keep to your side of them or I erase you from my life.

I was pretty sure they couldn’t mess up my epically good mood tonight but whoops.

Skies over Chicago.  I love this kind of weather.

This tree is so awesome.  It’s on this property that looks like a fortress.  It’s magnificent.  But the way the light was hitting the tree was beautiful.  I have so many pictures of it!  It was that quality of light when it has rained and/or is about to rain, and everything is vibrantly green.  Just, practically glowing and gorgeous.

I had forgotten what leaves looked like.

Paulina with her skateboard.  She painted it herself, because she is a cool fucking person.  Check out that dinosaur.

Paulina skateboarding down Michigan Avenue.

On the lake shore bike path, there were a ton of decayed bikes.  We made them into sculptures.

The finishing touch: a discarded rubber glove.

Right before this, we ran around the beach like madwomen, falling in the sand.  It had drizzled, so there was a wet crust sitting atop swathes of soft dry sand.

Paulina skating down those boardwalks that get laid down the sand toward the water.

Coming out of Navy Pier.

We found this weird ball in the middle of some shrubbery display.  It was probably a fountain, so we climbed on it and drummed on it.

It was a great night, let me tell you.  We must have skated two miles in the Loop, and ran into this woman who told us we should go into roller derby. Which was… hello secret dream.  This woman was in her forties, doing roller derby, dressed like a classy lady… it was great.


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