Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip Cookies with Spices

22 Apr

A while ago, Haley made peanut butter chocolate chip cookies, which were very excellent.  Part of the reason they really transcended the average chocolate -peanut combo recipe was because they were spiced.




Mixing the dry ingredients.

Haley doesn’t care about recipes.  She doesn’t pay attention to what order you put things in, or how long you blend things.  And she bakes wonderfully.  It’s amazing, because I usually need to follow recipes to the letter or else I miss some vitally important detail and fuck everything up irreparably.

With the peanut butter.  Look how much peanut butter that is.  It looks promising, doesn’t it?

These cookies were especially welcome because I had just worked two shifts at 826 Chi’s Boring Store.  I worked the morning with Paulina (we were uncharacteristically doubled up) and then took Haley’s afternoon shift so she could get work done.  I was exhausted and achey and cold and tired, and I fell asleep as soon as I got back.  When I woke up, these lovely things were being made.


The dough with chocolate chips.

We’re sitting in our room right now listening to the spolia opima of Record Store Day.  Currently playing: gypsy orchestral music we found for a dollar.  Right now there’s a track on with a clarinet absolutely freaking the fuck out.  It’s great stuff.  Someone just walked by and shot us the weirdest look through the doorway.

Listen, person.

I’m sorry you can’t appreciate the musical subtleties of what’s going on right now.

But don’t hate, okay.

Don’t hate.

The dough rolled into balls and ready for baking.

Haley breaking eggs, I think.

Oh, did I mention she threw in some Nutella?  I’m kind of afraid of improvising too much with baking, although I’ve started to try, but damn, I am inspired now.

I should bake soon.



The remains of the dough, as the four of us scraped our fingers through it.

Out of the oven.  And into my stomach.  Hell yes.

And then, because I am depraved, I put more Nutella on top of the cookies.

So just to some this up in case you’re not fully understanding what’s going on here:

Peanut butter chocolate chip cookies, spiced, with Nutella mixed in, and Nutella on top.

This is the part where you sit at your computer and allow your jealousy of my life and my taste buds to quietly simmer until you shoot out of your chair angrily and start pulling down your recipe books and pulling up your bookmarked sites and try to one-up me.

That’s the only recourse, right?


Procede et face bonum cibum!


2 Responses to “Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip Cookies with Spices”

  1. wrands 22/04/2012 at 4:01 am #

    Foodography…love it :)

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