Photoset Challenge – No. 43: The I Drink A Ton of Coffee Edition

2 May

I just got back from biking.  I meant to get my bike from outside and move it into the campus corral, but then I took it out, down to the park and back, wending through random streets.

It’s amazingly foggy out, and the lights in the park and on the buildings are making the sky iridescent.  I love the fog at night because of how it catches rays of light and refracts them seemingly infinitely, spreading them out further and further until a huge radius glows, suspended in the sky by pale clouds.

It’s one am, don’t judge me.  I may or may not be making sense.

I was standing on the bridge over the pond in Lincoln Park when some security dude drives up behind me and stops his cart.  I didn’t turn around because what the hell, you can address me to get my attention instead of expecting it to be granted to you freely.  So he did finally say something that got me to turn around, and told me I had to leave, because it was after 11 and people in the park or on the beach after 11 get arrested for trespassing.  Well, fuck you very much.  I’ve been out in the park and on the beach past midnight countless times, and no one has ever cared.  But no, I see how it’s dangerous for people to be there.  They might fall in love with the quiet beauty of the park at night.  They might get stuck on that bridge, staring straight out at the city cloaked in fog, with so few lights struggling to burst through the mist.  They might be so captivated by the starbursting light of the lamps that they just never leave.

So I see why they’re so strict about that rule, of course.

Anyway, yesterday’s photos.

I have no idea what happened with the light here, but I like it.

The makings of a double shot espresso au lait.

A latte?

I don’t know.

It looks like a pretty sane amount of milk is going in there.

Until you get to here.

Fuel for midterms.

I wanted a Snickers, but all they had was Twix.  The injustice!

The reflection of the room I hijacked to use the whiteboards.  To outline papers or study for large tests (I tried the latter out today for the first time, actually), I like to make maps of text with arrows and lines connecting ideas.  So I’ve been sneaking into rooms at the new arts and letters building and using their wall-length whiteboards.

Under the El, walking back from… the library, probably.

I am going to go now, and finish my ramen, do some work, and read until I stop feeling randomly angry at nothing.  :(

Why do these things happen.  I ask you.



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